Seeing how women were underrepresented in tech, the client - Women on the Block - wanted to promote diverse voices in blockchain, considered the next big wave in tech since the internet. The idea was to have a one-day conference of all-women speakers with the goal in mind to learn and be inspired. All proceeds would to go the foundation established to promote tech programs for women and girls.


With 10 weeks to plan, the team of volunteers had to figure out a way to attract as many as 400 attendees.


Design a web site that would be able to attract attendees, sponsors and enable a frictionless experience for registration and communication between the event planners and attendees. http://womenontheblock.io


With only three weeks of open registration we attracted over 300 attendees (men and women) and 52 speakers, including a US Congresswoman and Member of the European Parliament. Not only did the event generate a surplus (and therefore able to make a donation), but it also generated a positive "buzz" during NYC Blockchain Week 2018 and received press coverage from Forbes, The Guardian and coindesk.com. And, lastly, the event provided a forum for women of diverse backgrounds to have a voice.

US Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY) in the center is featured with speakers (l to r) Elizabeth Chee of HIT Foundation, Sheri Kaiserman of Maco.la, Katrina Donaghy of Civic Ledger and Pelli Wang of ConsenSys

How it happened

First I researched other conferences - how their web sites were set up, registration logistics, and I reached out to conference planners.

  • For the web site I used a site builder that could quickly generate a site yet be easy to edit on the fly.
  • Coordinated with outside marketing/social media consultancy regarding style guides and overall design "presence".
  • Managed expectations on the back-end: how do we manage the cash flow when registrants pay - how will the be handled? Who will handle it? Accounting? budgeting?
  • Managing speakers: communicating with them making sure the understand logistics, presented in the best light.

Eva Kaili, Member of European Parliament & Chair of the EP Science and Technology Options Assessment body, discusses the impact of Europe's digital privacy initiatives and support for blockchain technology.


The conference succeeded beyond our expectations. It received positive "buzz" during NY Blockchain Week as a unique conference that not only gave women a voice, but also featured outstanding speakers. The web site became a key centerpiece of the event. Based on attendee feedback, they loved the site -easy to navigate, organized. The ticket service seamlessly processed orders and there were no issues in terms of managing the back office.

The team realized the value of having good UX for a digital presence. The event was so successful that talks are underway for additional events, workshops and increased sponsorship inquiries.

And best of all, the conference was mentioned in leading industry media outlets.

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