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Credit card perks

A personalized experience


The client, a major American bank, was concerned that its credit card customers weren't aware of all the benefits of using their cards. And so they wanted to change that.


WIth an increasingly competitive landscape our client noticed that its credit card holders didn't seem to be taking advantage of all the cards' benefits - and became concerned that customers weren't aware of what is offered to them. Most customers were aware of benefits such as travel insurance, purchase protection. Yet the bank's concierge service is a feature the client felt would make them stand out in a competitive market.


Design a web presence that would make customers aware of all benefits their cards offered.


We designed an enhancement to the clients' legacy desktop site to advertise cards perks by personalizing the experience using payment patterns and algorithmic programming.

How it happened

Working with another designer we constructed a user story in order to convey a human-centric feature of the design.

Meet Jerry.

Jerry is 32, lives in Los Angeles and works as a sales manager for a media company.

Jerry's goal: to maximize his time and get the most out of his expenses

Motivations: saving for his next adventure trip - skiing in Colorado or biking in Vietnam

Pain points: unreliable service, working out details

Jerry is in New York on business, He's a long way from home and has friends in New York so it might make sense for him to stay through the weekend. Jerry has an expense account with his company, though he uses his personal card for non-business expenses. Jerry likes to travel for personal vacations and would take advantage of any perks, i.e. rewards points, travel assistance. Jerry is always on the go and has little patience for details.


With Jerry in mind, we reviewed the client's current state and compared with competitor sites. We found the two key design issues:

  • Information on card benefits was buried - the user would have to access a side menu, then "Card Benefits" to view a listing of all benefit categories. 
  • On this list, he client's Private Pass feature didn't stand out - the font color was the same and there was no way of understanding what the feature was.

When Jerry logs in to view his bank account balance and sees an ad notifying him that he hasn't taken advantage of his credit card's Private Pass concierge service. Intrigued, Jerry selects the "learn more" call to action, which takes him to the next page.

Jerry's a Bruce Springsteen fan and loves Moroccan food. The site knows this based on algorithmic programming, including Jerry's payment history, geographic location and other sources.  Jerry feels that the page is speaking to him. He can take advantage of hotel rates and a ticket cancellation service in case he's unable to make the show.


In the end we provided a design that reflected a journey for the bank's target demographic, employing contemporary technology in order to deliver a personalized user experience.

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